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Little Red Riding Hood

Retold & Illustrated by Andrea Wisnewski

Into the forbidding but beautiful New England winter steps a resourceful farm girl in her scarlet cloak, bound with her basket of presents for her ailing grandmother. Any child can tell you what happens next-and Wisnewski’s ingenious retelling doesn’t disappoint. The images are rendered in black-&-white prints, cut with a blade from black paper and then hand-painted in vivid watercolors. This is a beautiful, and totally original, American reimagining of the German fairytale classic, set in the depths of winter and here reissued in paperback on its tenth anniversary. And yes, we know you are concerned; she does survive the ravenous wolf-moist but intact.

The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane

Illustrated by Andrea Wisnewski

Written by C. M. Millen, Charlesbridge Publishers.

Set in 10th century Ireland, where as a novice monk, Theophane learns to make inks used in illuminated manuscripts from the plants he finds around the monastery. Celtic imagery and illuminated manuscripts abound in this book and the illustrations have the luminosity of stained glass.

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Little Old Farm Folk

Written and Illustrated by Andrea Wisnewski

Little Old Farm Folk, Godine’s first-ever board book, fondly evokes memories of Old MacDonald and his farm. In sweet rhyme, we are taken through the daily tasks of running the farm: milking, egg collecting, laundry, woodcutting, and more. The little old man, the little old lady, their cat, their dog, and other familiar livestock are depicted in Andrea Wisnewski’s charming paper-cut style. Each quaint vignette contains artistic details that will enthrall children, while the text begs to be read aloud, time and again. An original in the time-honored tradition of children’s books on farm life, Little Old Farm Folk is an endearing little primer on a more rustic way of living.

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