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Little Old Farm Folk

© Andrea Wisnewski

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A board book for country toddlers. 34 pages - Ages 0-3

Written and Illustrated by Andrea Wisnewski
Little Old Farm Folk, Godine’s first-ever board book, fondly evokes memories of Old MacDonald and his farm. In sweet rhyme, we are taken through the daily tasks of running the farm: milking, egg collecting, laundry, woodcutting, and more. The little old man, the little old lady, their cat, their dog, and other familiar livestock are depicted in Andrea Wisnewski’s charming paper-cut style. Each quaint vignette contains artistic details that will enthrall children, while the text begs to be read aloud, time and again. An original in the time-honored tradition of children’s books on farm life, Little Old Farm Folk is an endearing little primer on a more rustic way of living.

Published by David R. Godine